Contributing to Open Source Part I: The Easy Way

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The Odin Project

Published on Feb 27, 2014

How do you contribute to open source? In this video, I'll describe the easiest way to make a simple contribution to an open source project -- without using the command line, a text editor, "forking a repo", or even touching Git outside of Github. I'll also describe what kinds of contributions open SHOW MORE

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Wing N. 1 year ago (edited)

"use your powers for good" haha
thank you for the video.

Sibe Cute 2 years ago

thanks a lot for video

Sampath Lokuge 3 years ago

Nice.Thanks a lot :)

andrewscheuermann05 4 years ago

FYI: the edit button has changed to a diagonal pencil

ButtonMasher 2 years ago

Wow this video was super helpful, clear, and concise. Thank you very much.

1newbbie (edited) 5 months ago

A remark to what happening at 04:12 is: after clicking "Propose file change", it now
goes to commit page instead of the pull request screen as shown on the video. One
need to click the commit name (e.g. patch-1 if it is the first commit of your branch)
near the top of the screen to go to the pull request screen.

David Godfrey 8 months ago

What if the project is huge and the issues involve things you don't even understand?

Luyi Ren 1 year ago

Your video helped me try to make my first contribution! Thank you so much!

Richard Dickinson 4 years ago

I am working through the Odin Project which is good but it took me ages to figure
out how to submit my solution to the HTML/CSS project.I posted in all places (on the
Odin website, on Google+ and others) and I finally got a reply (thanks hgducherne).
However I'm still waiting for the repo admin to accept my pull request, so this has
Read More

motorheadbanger90 1 year ago

This video didnt help. I see it was uploaded 3 years ago but I wonder if that
would really matter. I'm trying to submit my solution to the Ruby: Ceasar Cypher project but
can't really figure out how to do's on my Github repository entitled Odin-
Project. help :(